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Hi Friends Of Mick Roraback:

Plan your pre-Super Bowl party with us and dozens of Mick Roraback's friends when we gather at Maplewood Presbyterian Church on Saturday, January 31st. Our goal is to entertain all of us to raise much needed funds for the Roraback family. Mick brought so much joy through music and theater that we thought it only fitting to celebrate that love by doing music from choirs, acts and shows that he did with us.

Please know that we have a full line up of individual spotlights.

The MICK-A-THON kicks off at 7:30PM on Saturday, January 31st.  Please pass the word near and far about this event and remind folks that there will be ample ways to contribute throughout the festivities (we won't be able to do credit cards so bring cash/checkbook).  The evening will hold many nice surprises and a chance to re-meet musical friends from years gone by.  Please call or email if you have thoughts or questions.

Cheers. David Little (425.478.1581)



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